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Home Surveillance

Few things in life are as scary as the thought of having someone entering your house while the family is inside. Luckily, there are a wide variety of ways to protect yourself and your loved ones under these circumstances.


These can includes methods like:

  • Securing all the homes openings – windows and doors.
  • Providing added protection like – motion and sound detectors.
  • Alarm systems…that let the homeowners know of the invasion as well as authorities.
  • Creating a “panic’ room environment…that allows the homeowners a special location in the home that can lock them in and lock all other out.

ASE Group Inc. provides a variety of product/equipment options designed to assist you in implementing the proper surveillance solution for your home….along with the expertise to successfully handle all the installations.

Our systems include:

  • ATM and building surveillance
  • Video
  • Collecting, retrieving reviewing and storing image capabilities
  • DVR’s
  • Cameras
  • Monitors
  • Switching devices

And…a talented array of experts who are strictly dedicated to designing and installing the perfect system for your needs.  You’ll also have a variety of options from an “alert” standpoint…both inside and outside your home. We can design a system that has your lights go on outside your home…as well as…providing you with remote access through your phone that allows you to turn the system on or off…and/or check to see if your children have gotten home safely from school.