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Pet Safe

The only way to automatically unlock your pet’s cage in case of a fire!

Whenever a fire breaks out in a home two reactions typically occur – chaos and panic.

If there’s a family involved, the parents naturally look first to each other. The next immediate thought is to save
the children. Unfortunately while most pets are seen as part of the family, it usually isn’t until everyone is safe
outside that the thought of saving the pet happens, which is quite often then too late to save the pet.

With thirty years of security experience in banking, businesses and homes, ASE Group Inc is always looking for better solutions to our clients problems.

We feel “PetSafe” is one that every family with a pet can appreciate.

“PetSafe” is a complete wireless technology system that comes with a pet cage which we design to automatically open whenever a security device is triggered, for example, fire, burglar or other alarm system.

“PetSafe” is easy to install and can be used in conjunction with your current security system, or as a stand alone unit. Plus, because ASE Group is affiliated with a pet training organization, we can help you train your pet on how to exit the house in case that unexpected emergency occurs.

“PetSafe” can also be used on barns and other farm animal enclosures!