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Alarms & Monitoring For Your Home

The primary purposes behind a security system are to see intruders before they enter, detect them if they enter, provide a method of informing the family if an intruder has entered or if something else may be occurring (like a fire) and to have a method of informing the proper authorities if/when needed.


This means that there is much more to consider than just being able to “video” a room or the outside of your home. More importantly, it means that working with a trained professional can make the difference between getting a security system that truly works when you need it most, rather than having one that is inferior or provides incomplete protection.

Thanks to modern technology, today you can have a wide variety of alarm solutions in your home designed to provide you and your family protection from varied forms of personal harm. These include – Burglar alarms, Fire alarms and smoke detectors, medical alert systems, carbon monoxide detection units and more. In addition, it is possible to create a system that allows your pet’s cage to be opened if an alarm goes off.

Plus, to inform the family, its possible to develop a variety of alerts like, lights going on, sounds like sirens going off, and a with a proper monitoring process the system can inform the authorities. In addition, it can be programmed to inform the home owner via their cellular phone and/or tablet.

At ASE…the key here is “information”…letting our clients know what is available, how it works, and helping to design a system around their needs and life style…rather than just selling you an off-the-shelf system. In that regard, because we work with virtually all the major equipment manufactures through our not just our residential work but for our financial and business clients as well, we are intimately familiar with what is in the market…and can make suggestions about what product(s)) make the most sense under what circumstances for your home.

Advancing Technologies

The keys to your monitoring process at ASE rest with providing easy-to-use systems, quick response to problems like burglary, smoke, carbon dioxide, medical emergencies, police and more.

Custom home services can also assure that your system will have proper back-up capability while assuring you’ll always be properly connected to our network.
Equally important, thanks to today’s modern communications methods, you’ll also have controls of things you could never before manage from a remote location…like… Adjusting your lighting, locking and unlocking doors, room temperature, remote viewing, video access, appliance controls – all while having the knowledge that and assurance that being able to reach ASE can be done in seconds.