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Safes for Guns, Walls & Floors

Many people equate “security systems’ only with alarms and intrusion problems. But protecting your valuables and other effects is an important part of ASE’s process.

In those cases, we work with people who need to “safe-guard” their belongings.

These can include jewelry, paintings, furnishings, antiques, rare autos, firearms and more. In these cases, our job can often be quite diverse…because we are typically involved in a special “design process” that can range from something as simple as recommending a specific type of safe…to something far more complex…that may require a special design/build process.

In the design/build process, we often are suggesting the proper combination of “safe” that can be installed in custom built-in space in the home…or…we may actually be involved in managing the construction of a special location that combines the need for room…coupled with strong security…dedicated to keeping the wrong people out.

If you haven’t given much thought to your valuables…and would like to learn more about security options that can make them safer from theft, call ASE today.