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Doing It Right – Building Your Home Security System

It typically all starts with a TV commercial, a mailing piece or the knowledge that someone you know just had their home broken into. It’s a frightening  thought!


The up side to this emotion is that it makes people respond…with a desire to make their homes secure. All to often however the downside is many people simply “react” and purchase based upon what they feel is the “best offer”. Meaning reacting to what the salesman is selling!

With over 30 years in the security business – working with large and small banks, credit unions, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 to mom and pop stores…ASR knows security.

More importantly, we know security equipment manufacturers!  That means we won’t come into your home and simply try and “sell you an off the self system!”. Instead, we start by listening, understanding your family and home needs. Then we’ll provide you with a recommendation…based upon your requirements and budget!

Here’s the foundation of how we work:

Think Outstanding Service!

We’ve always found the groundwork to our success rests with providing a preferred level of personal services coupled with
a strong desire to always be responsive and attentive to our client’s needs.

Think Custom

It all start however, with gaining a sound understanding of what you’ll need for your family and your home….and then have
the experience and know-how to understand what system/equipment combinations will result in the best solution. That
means we’ll give careful thought to your surveillance, alarms, access process, modern control methods and monitoring…in
order to assure the greatest safety.

Think Personal

Of course after everything is installed you’ll still have the satisfaction of knowing you’ll have our full support 24/7…and have access to us if/when you may need us for any reason.