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Call For Aid & Medical Alert Systems

As we get older we all need the reassurance that help is at hand should we need it. However, Personal Alarm Systems aren’t just for the elderly anymore.


Many people may have a physical disability, or a chronic condition. Some are recovering from illness, while others are more concerned for their security than their health. Some people simply live alone.

Of course, you may have an elderly parent or grandparent who lives alone for whom you have great concern about the possibility that they may injure themselves in a fall…and you like to have a means of having them be able to get proper help if/when it is needed.

Our system is not just a panic button for a fall or accident but can also be used as an attack alarm in case of an intruder entering the home. What we provide is a varied array of contact means using specially designed elements which can be worn be the person in the home. These include necklaces, bracelets and more…all designed to create a “response” by simply pushing a button. This means the person wearing the device can have greater ease of movement throughout the property while always being able to respond if needed.

Equally important, whenever someone does require assistance, they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they won’t be speaking to “technicians”…but instead will be speaking with our trained staff of EMT’s who will know what questions to ask and who can provide proper instructions if/when needed, in addition to making certain that the proper authorities are contacted.