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Video Surveillance for Financial Institutions

As a financial institution, you are faced with a diverse array of intrusion detection and surveillance challenges.


ASE Group Inc. provides a variety of product/equipment options designed to assist you in implementing the proper solution for each site….along with the expertise to successfully handle all the installations.

Our systems include:

  • ATM and building surveillance
  • Video
  • Collecting, retrieving reviewing and storing image capabilities
  • DVR’s
  • Cameras
  • Monitors
  • Switching devices

And…a talented array of experts who are strictly dedicated to designing and installing the perfect system for your needs.

We also take special care to make sure that your surveillance is designed to address the following issues-

  • Total light control options for difficult back-lighting situations
  • Proper positioning of the camera within the housing during installation
  • Easy access to camera orientation
  • Capturing images of all heights
  • High resolution images
  • Camera available with FDIC or NCUA regulatory signage
  • Camera blends with the environment

In addition –

  • ASE provides the latest technologies in video surveillance, from enhanced image quality and retention, to stand alone cameras with their own storage retention.
  • Our video systems offer you latest in network access, allowing you to have the ability to view your systems from anywhere day or night.
  • We design and install our systems with a level of quality that surpasses our competition. Our camera installations are designed to capture images that give you the best reproducible images possible for evidence.
  • Our system can be monitored by our Central Monitoring Station and have the capability of two way audio to deter loitering as well.