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Integrated Security Systems for Financial Institutions

Better Planning for Greater Security


The whole idea of the integrated security system is to detect threats and prevent damage. In order to assure a successful and effective integrated security system however, it is necessary to think out of the box. In other words, not limiting thinking to the equipment, but thinking of the location /circumstances in which the equipment is going to serve. Just as the system must be adapted to the facility it is supposed to protect, the facility must be made suitable for the system to permit it to operate correctly and efficiently.

A truly effective system therefore needs to be smart, flexible, and adaptable…meaning it must provide a proper combination of intrusion, fire, access control and a solid monitoring process, while ensuring dependable communications.

Since banking security is complicated and extremely important, at ASE Group Inc. the policy has always been to offer alternative technologies…that is…to  evaluate the needs at hand and provide the proper “blend’ of security equipment and technology that will produce the strongest, smartest and safest system …within the budget parameters allowed.

This means all elements of the project need to be evaluated very carefully including – Access Control, Surveillance Systems, Intrusion Detection, Fire and Life Safety, Barrier Security Solutions, Monitoring and more.

From an implementation standpoint, that means we evaluate needs based upon the following areas:

  1. Alarm Systems
    – Financial Centers
    – Commercial Centers
    – Panic Alarm Systems
  2. Digital Surveillance Systems
    – Financial
    – Commercial
    – Interior & Exterior Systems
  3. Access Control

The result mean a safe, secure workplace with reliable system communications, built-in false alarm reduction, integrated monitoring, maximum security with remote control convenience, one credential access control, simple operation and flexible scalable solutions.