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Knowledge is Power! In the security business that equates not only to having the expertise and experience to know how to get the job done…but knowing what equipment fits best in any given situation.


At ASE, we’ve been working with the largest and best security equipment companies across the country for many years. How that benefits our clients is simple…but not easy. We’re always amongst the first to learn of equipment changes, updates, improvements and technologies.

So, if your project can benefit by something that’s just come into the market, you can count on the fact that not only will we know about it…we’ll inform you and recommend you install it if it’s in your best interest to do so!

Equally important, with over twenty five years experience, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your organization will be working with people who have been directly involved in thousands of different job circumstances. So, you’ll gain the advantage of knowing that our recommendations will be founded upon an understanding of the task at hand…rather than employing a “random guesstimate” of what may or may not work.

Of course there are two added ingredient that we feel is the cornerstone to our success. First…our people. ASE is staffed with a solid array of technicians, home office personnel and management who have one singular dedication…to provide the best solutions to our clients. That means our client needs are a  priority…attention to detail counts!

Finally is our service ethic. At ASE, our clients come first…service is the foundation of not only who we are…but what we do!