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Access Control for Financial Institutions

Identification and Entry Restriction Technology


Properly managing visitor and personnel entry to your building is at the foundation of your security system against theft, loss of property and employee safety.

Today’s sophisticated systems far exceed the days in which traditional “keyed” solutions were the norm. Instead, “identity management” enables you to create a branch or other building system that is a truly secure facility that can provide sound protection to your assets and people. ASE Group Inc provides varied solutions including video, badging, alarm systems and more.

Equally important, our systems can assure a solid IT communications exchange process for proper Identification utilizing state of the art technology including facial recognition, keypads, card activated units, or biometrics.

The planning behind your system focuses on a variety of key elements including threat deterrence, cost control, convenience and simplicity of use, liability reduction, customization of control, audit trailing, and remote access capability.

Finally, one of the most important elements that sets ASE apart is the fact that we DO NOT represent just one security equipment company. This allows us to closely examine the task at hand and design a system that is most effective for you…by selecting and utilizing the equipment that will best do the job…within your established budget guidelines.

Software to Manage Your System

ASE provides the access and security management software required to configure, control and maintain the system. While there are varied options, you can gain many options and advantage like –remotely monitoring your system from any internet connected computer, checking, arming and disarming, adding or changing users. This automation allows you to program automated system actions, generate customer reports…and/or creating a single source for all your access control, fire, intrusion processes.