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Physical Security for Businesses


Years of hands-on experience have allowed us the privilege of having worked with all the well known security equipment manufacturers in the country.   Accordingly, at ASE we not only have access to the best and latest equipment, we have complete knowledge of what equipment works best under what  circumstances.

  • Vaults and Vault Doors
  • Insulated & Fire Doors
  • UL Rated Safes
  • Fire & Storage Safes
  • Drive-up Systems
  • ATM Kiosks, Surrounds and Panels
  • Under Counter Steel Cabinets
  • Bullet– Resistant Materials
  • Signage – External and Interior
  • Currency Handling
  • Emergency Services
  • Full Lock Services
  • Fire/file cabinets and systems
  • Furniture -(new/used/refurbished)
  • Millwork…designs