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Developing Solutions


When it comes to your business’s security system there’s only one thing that matters…that it works the way you need it to! Of course to get that, you’ll need to make some important decisions…like finding and working with a professional company who’ll take the time to get to know you and who understands your security needs.

That’s why ASE takes the following steps right from the start:

  • We begin with a review of your building and spend time discovering your standards.
  • Everything that can have an impact upon your business is reviewed, from traffic patterns to customer flow.
  • Finally, we match your needs to what you want to spend.

We accomplish this thanks to our sound understanding of what equipment makes the best fit for the project. The focus is and always has been to provide the greatest quality for the best price..for each project in which we’re involved. It has produced over thirty years of success for us…and our clients.

Managing Your Project

Armed with a sound understanding of your needs and goals, our next step is to get your project started and managed properly.

Disciplined! Focused! Practiced! Structured! The keys to the success of your project rest with the expertise and experience of our managing team. The process therefore demands proper attention to all the details and a the drive to get it all done right!

  • It starts with a clear view of the work to be done, equipment to be specified and the steps that will be required moving forward.
  • Our team are on-site to assure proper work flow and guarantee the work is being done correctly.
  • Our experts carefully install the physical and electronic security equipment. These pieces are systematically tested and approved for use on site.
  • The key to our process is founded upon creating a “Totally Integrated” program from start to finish, and then helping to monitor the entire system.